Top 5 most expensive footballer homes

Football is the most watched and widely loved Sport in the World. A lot of people, from players to coaches to fans have experienced exquisite joy and life-changing events from the Sport. Week in week out we see footballers from all over the world entertain us with their mesmerizing skills and one can only sit down and enjoy the fun that comes with it. These footballers are known for their skills but aside that, their fortunes also count. In this article we discuss five mansions owned by various footballers (past and present) and their various values.


Played for Sporting CP, Manchester United and Real Madrid while currently manning the shirt of Italian giants Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most successful footballers in the history of the Sport. Coupled with his great skills on the pitch, the Portuguese is also doing well off it amassing a lot of revenues from his endorsements and sponsorship deals. The star is believed to possess a mansion in Madrid worth around 6 million dollars which had been put up for sale after his move to Turin. The property has a sauna, a private theatre, a gym, a pool and an aquarium.


John Terry is a legend for both Chelsea and England. The defender has been regarded by many as the best central defender in the game’s history. He played a huge amount of games in his career and won almost everything during his time. He’s a huge lover of luxury, hence, his mansion in England worth 7.5 million dollars. The mansion reportedly can fit in 34 people and has its own aquarium located underground with a private cinema.


The DC United forward is mining a couple of more money in USA, but no one will ever forget his time in Europe with Manchester United where he featured as one of the best players in the game. The 33-year old scored an amazing 253 goals for Man United helping them win all trophies possible. He owns a mansion in his hometown said to be worth more than 17 million dollars. Located in Cheshire Countryside, the stunner is built on a 40-acre plot and boasts an orangery, a bar, TV room, snooker room and cinema. Just the building site of Rooney’s house cost around $1.5 million. There’s also a stable of 14 horses built alongside the mansion.


Now 40 and retired from the Sport, Didier Drogba will never be forgotten by anyone who has watched the Sport for long. Regarded as one of Africa’s greatest players and easily one of Premier League’s greatest strikers of all time, Drogba was known for his predatory skills in front of goal and aside that he has a lot of money too. The Ivory Coast man reportedly has a mansion in England worth around 21 million dollars. The house famously has a museum for the player’s accolades and consists of 8 bedrooms.


David Beckham and his wife Victoria are well loved by the world for their beauty and magnificent sense of style. The former England international was known during his playing times as a freekick specialist and he also had a couple of huge endorsement deals in his name. Once the richest footballer, David Beckham got a mouth-watering mansion, the Beckingham Palace which was later sold. Now, his new mansion is an eyesight for everyone and it’s reported that around 40 million dollars was spent to make the joyous structure look as magnificent as it is now. The ‘posh’ mansion located in London cost the star $10 million for refurbishment and definitely, no home by a Footballer can beat the stunning piece of art by the former Manchester United and Real Madrid man.

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