Neymar reacts to Iniesta leaving Barcelona

It was an emotional moment for Barcelona captain, Andreas Iniesta, as he announced on Friday that he’ll be leaving the club where he has spent over 20 years at the end of this season.

Tributes have been flooding in from every part of the football world for the Spanish midfielder ever since the announcement.

Former Barcelona teammate, Neymar Jr took to Instagram to share his good wishes with Iniesta, saying it was an honour playing alongside him.

“Maestro, an honour to be part of his career in Barcelona,” Neymar said.

“I already admired you from afar and after I came to be closer I fell in love with his football and more for the person that you are out of the field.

“I will always tell my friends, children and family that I had the pleasure of celebrating goals and titles at his side.

“Barcelona thanks you, I thank you and soccer lovers thank you for everything you did!!! Lots of luck on your walk always, hug CAPI Andres Iniesta,” he concluded.

Although there is no confirmation on where Iniesta will be heading when he leaves the Catalonian side, it is sure he would not be joining any club in Europe in order to avoid facing Barcelona.

“The only thing I have always said is I would never compete against my club so all scenarios that are not in Europe are possible,” Iniesta said when asked about his destination.

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