I’ve No Regret Choosing Football Ahead Of Education – Sokari

CS Sfaxien of Tunisia attacking midfielder, Kingsley Sokari shares his experience at the 2015 FIFA World Cup in Canada and how he cooked beans as punishment for playing football in this interview with Augustine Akhilomen

Your Performance at the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Canada brought you into limelight as a player. But what was the feeling like when you scored that beautiful long range shot against North Korea?

To be frank with you, I never thought that I was going to score against North Korea but as a player we always have it at the back our mind that anytime there is a chance to score, we must take advantage of it. And that’s exactly what I did against North Korea.
However, I must confess to you that God has been so great to me and it was by His grace that I was able to score my first goal in any FIFA tournament; a feat that I will never forget. I am really so delighted and I pray to score more goals if the opportunity comes my way.

How would you describe your composure before that goal immediately you had that ball on your feet?

 Immediately I got that ball after that rebound, the next thing that came into my mind was just to lash a shot and I am happy that my decision ended up at the top corner of the Korean’s net. But do you know that it’s one of my trademarks to hit long range shot? The truth of the matter is that I am glad things are working well as planned for the team and I pray it continues this way.

Would you consider that goal as your best so far in your football career?

For now, yes of course. I can’t remember the last time I score such a beautiful goal of this nature. Besides, it came at the right time when the world is watching the team. Mind you, it’s the FIFA U-20 World Cup and feels great to have scored that goal.

Do you see yourself filling into the shoes of Sunday Oliseh in the Super Eagles in future?

My brother, let’s leave that for another moment because Oliseh has played a big role in the Super Eagles and for me to fill into his position I still need to upgrade myself. There are more competitions ahead of me and with that I can brush myself up for the big task in the senior national team.

Did your parent support your dream of playing football ahead of acquiring degrees at the University?

As expected, most parents will always want their child or children to go to school in order to become somebody large in the society. However, I chose football because it has always been my desire to become a footballer regardless of what my parent says. In fact, it got to a stage cooking beans after my return from training became my punishment for going against their wish. I still don’t regret my decision considering the fact that I am reaping the benefit of it. Football drives me crazy due to the passion I have for it and I am glad I am into it.

Would you consider your butch deal with Esperance last year as a blessing in disguise?

Well, I can’t really say because in life God’s way may be different from our way and I am really happy that things are working for good for me. I just don’t want to think about what happened to my failed deal with Esperance because it’s a past issue.

You were part of Enyimba FC title winning feat in the Glo Nigerian Premier League. Is that your biggest highlight as a player?

For now, yes! But then, I am looking forward to winning more titles with my new club and the national teams in future because that has always been my biggest dream as a footballer. I want to win the Africa Cup of Nations and if before the World Cup because nothing is impossible in life.

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