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Sneijder keens on Juventus about January move

follow mefor updates. The Dutch man Sniejder as keen on a move to Turin is former club. Some little problem has been occurring between the new Galatasary president Duygun Yarsuvat and the former Inter Milian ace, the president has said he’s fed with the € 4 Million salary, the dutch has been receiving. Some reports were gotten from that Sniejder’s agent Guido Abers has gone to meet the Italian side about the return of the present Gala midfielder in January.The Midfielder is willing to leave the turkish side by January in order to relief them of the wages, and he’s also ready to give a Juve a affordable price in order to come and get him as quick as possible. Also the Juventus side are taking a look on how the dutch man will reduce the wages from the current he’s earning in Gala. Will he move to Turin in January lets watch and see.

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