Cruyff: Ronaldo And Mourinho To Barca Is Impossible

Former Barcelona coach and honourary president Johan Cruyff has rejected the recent rumours that former president Joan Laporta is looking to bring in both Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho if he is elected president again.

In an interview with the Europa Press at the Asociación de Veteranos de Sitges, Cruyff weighed in on the recent rumours after Laporta was seen dining with Portuguese superagent, Jorge Mendes, with the Dutchman stating that he couldn’t see the Portuguese duo at the Camp Nou.
“I can’t see Cristiano or Mourinho at Barcelona. I don’t think that’d happen, but you never know. This sport is a game where there are a lot of possibilities, but there are some that just aren’t feasible, this would be one of them. Time will tell if it’s true or not, but I couldn’t imagine something like that.
“The meeting? I don’t know where these things come from. Do you think or invent these things or what?” However, Cruyff concluded by stating that he has heard of Joan Laporta wanting to run for Barcelona president again.
“You know what they say about that, second halves…We’ll see what happens.”

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