Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Writers FAQ

Why should I join Soccernet as a Writer?
Football writers join the platform to publish journalistic articles, create top football content and participate in the debate.

With over 300k page views monthly, Soccernet is a fast growing football media brand, delivering analysis and insights from the people with the passion to start the conversation – the fans.

Soccernet writers get the exposure, recognition and rewards of being real sports writers.


  • Your articles will be read by thousands of readers on Soccernet.ng, Soccernet mobile apps (#1 in the whole of Nigeria) and by a community of over 10k fans on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Your posts will feature top quality images and videos provided by Soccernet.
  • Your published articles will be deemed as newsworthy, interesting, and engaging thanks to a strong editorial policy and live editorial suggestions for individual writers


  • Top published content will be selected by our editors to be featured on the Google news and Newsnow, giving full credit to you as the writer.
  • Featured articles will appear on team pages, the Soccernet homepage, team feeds, on the app, and to some of the 10k Facebook and Twitter users in our network.
  • Top writers get journalistic titles and a portfolio of published work, as well as correspondent press passes to industry events and meetups


  • Top writers will have the opportunity to join the team as a full-time writer on Soccernet.ng.
  • You get special invites to Soccernet partner events

Editorial Guidelines

  1. How do I become a writer for Soccernet?
    Just sign-up and start writing! One of our editors will contact you after you submit your first article and offer some direction and tips on how to make your second article even better than your first.
  2. Who can write articles on Soccernet?
    Anyone can write articles, share pictures and videos, or engage in debate by commenting on articles. If you want to write a preview of your team’s starting lineup, a commentary on your club’s manager, or a top 10 list of your club’s best strikers – this is the place for you. Just click ‘Write an Article’ at the top of the page and let the footy knowledge flow.
  3. What qualifies as an article?
    Soccernet encourages writers to create high-quality content. In order for your post to be published we ask that it meets the Soccernet’s editorial guidelines.
  4. How do I pick a topic?
    We have found that these topics often generate the most reads: transfer news, best ever, worst ever, top 10 lists, controversial topics (ex: goal-line technology, homophobia/racism in football, etc), manager and tactical analysis, and so on. Having said that, we want you to trust your instinct and write about whatever you think will make a compelling article. In the end it’s totally up to you. Read more one our editorial guidelines.