Watford Medical Director explains Isaac Success’ injury problem

Medical Director of Watford Luca Gatteschi has revealed that Nigerian striker Isaac Success needs better body balance to pre

vent further injuries.

Since his move to Watford last summer, Success has only made one start and seven Premier League substitute appearances for the Hornets this season because of a reoccurring hamstring injury.

Speaking of the striker’s injuries, Gatteschi says Success’ muscle and tendon need to be stronger to carry his body.

“The injury is the problem but the problem doesn’t always start at the site of the injury,” Gatteschi told Watford official website.

“You have to balance better all the body. All the muscleswork together and we have tried to work on the injury but also balance better the muscles and the way he moves. We have done some good work in this area.

“We are using different workloads every day to avoid overload: running on the treadmill, on the bike and running at different speeds outside. We need to strengthen the central core and the upper body muscles.

“When a player has a lot of power and is very explosive they use a lot of force, so the muscle and tendon need tosustain a very high workload.

“It’s better to have a high level of power, though. It’s been frustrating but we are really close to the result. It’s just important to avoid problems in the last days. We are near.

“Success believes he has just two days before he returnsto full training and Gatteschi agrees with him.

“It’s possible,” Gatteschi said.

“The next two days are crucial. We are doing specific work on Success, both in the physio room and on the pitch and in the gym to avoid the risk of another injury.

“He’s working well. The last two days he’s had a good training load and been running without any problem.

“We have to test more in the next two days with very specific workloads and change of direction. We are very close to the end.”

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