Bundesliga better than EPL – Okocha

The German Bundesliga is better than the English Premier League, this is according to Nigerian football legend Jay Jay Okocha.

Speaking at an interactive session with the media during the Bundesliga Legend Tour, the former Super Eagles captain said the Bundesliga was a more complete league than the Premier League.

“The Bundesliga is better than Premier League in terms of tactical approach, technical approach, discipline, stadium attendance and number of goals scored per week. It is more complete league and actually contributed to my rapid football career because the foundation I had there shaped me for the successes I attained in other leagues in Europe.

“I always tell people that I got to Germany as a boy but left as man. It toughened me, shaped me and turned me into the mercurial player that fans around the world adored”, added the former Eintracht Frankfurt star midfielder.

The Bundesliga’s current average attendance of about 42,000 fans per match is the highest in a professional football league worldwide and only second after the American National Football League (NFL)compared to all professional sports leagues.

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