Here are the players with the highest goals in the English Premier League as at 11/3/2019.

1. Sergio Agüero: 18 Goals, 6 Assists

Aguero remains at the top of the Epl scorers chart despite not scoring against Watford over the weekend.

2. Mohamed Salah: 17 Goals, 7 Assists

Salah remains second on the list despite not scoring this week also

3. Pierre Aubameyang: 17 Goals, 4 Assists

Aubameyang scores a vital penalty against Manchester United in Arsenals 2-0 win

4. Harry Kane: 17 Goals, 4 Assists

Kane managed to get a goal in Tottenham’s 2-1 loss to Southampton.

5. Sadio Mané: 16 Goals, 1 Assist

Mane climbs into the top 5 after scoring two against Burnley FC.

6. Raheem Sterling: 15 Goals, 9 Assists

Sterling also climbs in the list after scoring an hat-trick against Watford.

7. Eden Hazard: 13 Goals, 11 Assists

Hazard drops in the list despite scoring in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw against Wolves.

8. Alexandre Lacazette: 12 Goals, 7 Assists

9. Raúl Jiménez: 12 Goals, 6 Assists

10. Jamie Vardy: 12 Goals, 4 Assists

11. Romelu Lukaku: 12 Goals, 0 Assists

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